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New Jersey Road Racing Series

Sports Car Club of America

New Jersey Road Racing Series


The New Jersey Road Racing Series is a series of regional races conducted by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) in New Jersey.


The purpose of this series is to increase the exposure and the accomplishments of the competitors for greater recognition and visibility. The series also strengthens and helps preserve the SCCA Regional Racing Program in New Jersey and the surrounding areas. The season finale is the Jersey Road Racing Championship


Get involved with your series. We are doing this to have fun!


2017 NJRRS Schedule

Lightning Challenge (results)

Summer Thunder (results)

Jersey Road Racing Classic (aka "The Jerk")



2017 Points


Updated August 17 - next up is the JRCC!


In 2017 there are a total of 7 NJRRS qualifying and feature races. The Series rules require that a driver to participate in half or more of the races (min 4 this year) to be eligible for a championship.

2016 Points

FINAL --- Updated 26-Oct-2016 --- FINAL

Sports R Regional Class

06/13/2014 Added - 2a. Alternate Engine. For experimental purposes, the gasoline engine may be replaced by an AC inductive electric motor rated at not more than 160 horsepower. The associated batteries may be securely mounted in the side pods completely enclosed in protective battery boxes; the batteries must be adequately fused. There must be a master shutoff switch available inside and outside of the car.


Sports 2000 Regional Classes


The Sports 2000 Regional Classes are regulated by the 2013 SCCA General Competition rules (GCR), the 2013 Sports Racing Category Specifications (SRCS) and these rules. Three classes will be utilized based on the current Vintage Sports 2000 North America Technical Regulations:

S2 Class (class designation: S2) - fulls conforms to 2013 GCR and SRCS

Vintage S2 Class (class designation: VS2) - middle age S2000 with specific models defined in the VS2NA Technical Regulations above

Historic S2 Class (class designation: HS2) - older S2000 with specific models defined in the VS2NA Technical Regulations above

The Historic and Vintage classes have specific preparation limitations in the VS2NA Technical Regulations to provide period authenticity.


All classes must completely conform to the current GCR and SRCS preparation and safety rules:


The full address of the VS2NA Technical regulations is at






NJRRS & the JRB announce



The purpose of these LeChump rules is to create an opportunity for cars built for ChumpCar World Series (ChumpCar) or the 24 Hours of LeMons (LeMons) to compete safely in SCCA regional races. They are intended to provide low-pressure classes without the necessity of extensive modifications to existing cars. Multiple classes are provided to foster competition, however, there is no guarantee that any specific make, model or car will be competitive.

All drivers must fully conform to SCCA driver licensing requirements. Prior LeChump racing experience may be considered for SCCA licensing but automatic license exchange is not guaranteed or contemplated. Each situation is considered on its individual merits. All driver safety gear must comply with the GCR requirements.


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